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To provide a service in line with the Government Policies, uplift  the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people.

 The Commencement of Imbulpe Divisional Secretariat

Reorganization of the District Administration Based on Reorganization of the District Administration Based on the letter ABK/B/67/58 (33) dated 13.10.1991 sent to the Government Agent of Ratnapura under the signature of the Secretary, Ministry of Public Administration, Local Governmentand Provincial Councils under the establishment of new Divisional Revenue Officers work has begun. On a proposal made by Hon. Mallika Ratwatte, MP of Balangoda, the construction of office buildings has commenced after the government took over two acres of land from the 50 year old tea plantation belonging to Mr.S.M.P.Kadar, Governor of Central Textiles, Kahawatta. However, due to the failure to construct new office buildings on the due date, arrangements have been made to maintain Imbulpe Divisional Secretariat from 01.07.1971. The Regional Revenue Officer of this office was the Mrs.P.M.P.Jayawardene. The new building was taken over on 19.09.1974 and the office was opened on 21.05.1927. The gazette notification was published in the Gazette No. 165 of 23 May 1975.

The History of Imbulpe Divisional Secretariat

The history of imbulpe division gives back to rawana era from entrance of balangoda to imbulpe division can seen the caiple of maintain which same higherst which called dethanagala which shows as breast of lady. The dincent indian prince rama. Who kept his know to his couple of maintain and sent an arrow to kill rawana and its hit on the rock of pettigala and it can seen to day where here is a mark on the rock leke cut of the something and people called it Rawana Kapolla according to the legend are which hit 



Role Performed at DS
Name Designation From To
Mr. P.M.P. Jayawardana Divisional Revenue Officer  1971  
Mr. Liyanagedara Divisional Revenue Officer    
 Mr. Abeygunawardana Divisional Revenue Officer    
 Mr. A .Wanasingha Divisional Revenue Officer    
Mr. Jayawardana Divisional Revenue Officer    
Mr. Thilak Ranaviraja Divisional Revenue Officer    
Mr. Vaz Gunavardena Divisional Revenue Officer    
 Mr. K. Wijesingha Divisional Revenue Officer    
 Mrs. P. Abeykoan Divisional Revenue Officer    
 Mr. O.W. Jayasiri Assistant Government Agent    
 Mr. D.P.A. Ranjith Ashoka Assistant Government Agent    
Mr. G. Saman Rathnayaka Divisional Secretary 1992-08-18  2006-02-10 
Mr. W.N.R.P. Wijepala Divisional Secretary 2006-02-17  2007-02-06 
Mr. M.M. Gunasingha Divisional Secretary 2007-03-19  2011-08-21 
Mr. Gunarathna Edirisingha Divisional Secretary 2011-08-22 2011-09-06 
Mr. J.L.C.K. Jayasingha Divisional Secretary 2011-09-07 2018-08-28
Mr. B.M.B.M.A. Batugedara Divisional Secretary 2018-08-29 Present

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News & Events

News & Events

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